Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do at ?

Cokodeal connects local traders of foodstuff and commodities in Africa to the world. Connects buyers and seller to trade directly and export.

What do I benefit registering on cokodeal marketplace?

Exposure to millions of potential buyers to increase business sales.

How do I become a member?

Click on “Create Free Store” register with a free membership seller package. Subscribe to become a paid member at your interest anytime for greater exposure, to increase sales.

How does cokodeal help, even with the poor economy

Cokodeal connects traders across different African countries to global market whereby people from other countries can make purchases from you using their own currency to pay at the price or value you have given.

What do we gain by being regular subscribers

you gain business advice and insight into improving your business as our rep will inform you about which of your goods people are demanding for which can help improve your business. We also give low cost affordable maximum reach advertisement through the website, social media and blog

Does cokodeal help us deliver our goods and services

cokodeal helps deliver only premium membership goods and verified members goods and services. For other membership subscription, we help business owner to link with 3rd party logistics.

Can we trust this website not to dupe us

Cokodeal has been dealing with thousands of seller and it is registered in UK & Nigeria. Cokodeal management has professional I.T security that monitor all transactions that go through the site to ensure safety of users.

I do not really go online a lot, so what is my gain in been on the website

You do not need to go online many times, millions of people will see your products and contact you either through your phone number or email or come to your store.

What are the advantages of each subscription plan

Cokodeal helpline : ---- ---- whatsapp +2348163229560