Rose cream duvet
Rose cream duvet
Rose cream duvet
Rose cream duvet
Rose cream duvet 6x6 by Getti

Rose cream duvet

Shop for high quality Getti modern duvet on cokodeal marketplace, help make a beautiful bed. Find soft cotton duvet in bold prints and smart solids colours.

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A duvet is a type of bedding consisting of a soft flat bag filled with down, feathers, wool, silk or a synthetic alternative, and typically protected with a removable cover.

Getinuel investment Ltd was established to bridge the gap of garments with international standards for the Africa market. We produce garments, for corporate clients that require uniforms as part of their brand identity and individual clients who prefer ready to wear garment.

Getti Brand has launched into the local and international market with highly skilled personnel.

Products Offered by Getti inclues;

Rain coats, Duvets, Beddings, Window blinds, Corporate ties.

Monogramming/ logo creation for various media including T-shirt, face caps, Towels, Mugs, Carrier bags.

Hi-Tech picture transfer and heat transfer

Labels and badges (woven design)

Uniforms – Waiters, waitress, cook, bartenders apron, cleaners

Cover all, boilers suits, Blazers

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