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Bullion Gold Nuggets
064 901 2380
10 Kg

Kindly supply us Bullion gold nuggets or bars. First trial 10kg. If successful, we provide a contract of periodical supplies. Please contact via WhatsApp.. with best price and sample of goods in stock.
10 Tonnes
Please can your company export live snails from your snail farm to Oman. Thank you.
3 Pallets
I need a producer of black pepper
0703 005 8498
5 Tonnes
Please we need a large deposit of shea butter. We previously dealt with kenya, but at this time product is running out. Please send whatsapp details to the number above. Best regards. Hisham
100 Bags
I want supply of rice 100 bags for start , packed in 1kg, 5kg, 10kg
100 Bags
Iwant supply of rice ineed 100 for my start up
0810 248 4481
100 Pallets
Fresh and well preserved and dried locust beans
50 Bags
25 Tonnes
Kindly contact buyer representative- 08130202614. Provide FOB and CIF price.
20000 Tonnes
Specification: Starch 69.0% min, Fibre 4.0% max, Moisture 13.0% max, Sand/Silica 2.0 max. Moisture content max 12, Total ash on a dry matter basis max 3, Crude fiber on dry matter basis max 4, Acid insoluble ash on a dry matter...
1000 Tonnes
Please contact me if your business has the capacity to supply high grade Mica stones. We are buying in large quantity. Inform us your supply location, and we can arrange for pickup.
0705 925 1430
50 Kg
Smoked catfish
50 Tonnes
Both fresh and dry Ginger
100 Tonnes
Please provide best price. And cost of delivery.
25 Tonnes
Please provide best price for charcoal to fill 40ft container.
2000 Pieces
We want; Size: Jumbo/ Large Quantity: 2,000 pieces/ week. Location: Sango Otta, Ogun State or Modakeke in Osun State. The delivery point depends on the location of the sources of Supply. Thanks.