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10000 Kg

We need ginger in tons for export, high grade and clean. Please, we would prefer a source that farm ginger In large quantities WhatsApp +234 802 873 2928
500 Kg
1200 Kg
Sourcing spices. Kindly get in touch via email. Global shipment is welcome: Africa or India.
100 Tonnes
Dry Split Ginger, Grade - A. Impurities - 2% Maximum Contract Details - Whatsapp/ Email
0810 548 1782
20 Tonnes
dry ginger needed from Nigeria. Fresh and dry ginger for export from Kaduna City, Nigeria Ginger is a versatile spice used as a flavoring ingredient in many cuisines. It is also used to make ginger tea, which has been shown to offer hea...
26 Tonnes
I need 40ft container of dry slice organic ginger for first trial. Shipment to Ukraine. monthly supply contract for 12 months. WhatsApp me directly on +977 985-1055697
50 Tonnes
Both fresh and dry Ginger
500 Tonnes
Please provide best prices for dried split ginger. CNF to Chittagong, Bangladesh. Inspection through SGS. Payment: at sight confirmed LC
25 Tonnes
Please provide best price for ASTA quality dry split ginger. Send a message to my phone. Will review and revert.
40 Tonnes
Please provide grade, origin and best price privately for consideration
300 Tonnes
We are having 300 tons of dried ginger,Good Export Quality,Please email me for more details