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All Food Items
Uche Haarachi
400 Kg

All Foods items are available in large quantity ready to ship within Nigeria and around the globe. WhatsApp on 08071855012

0813 158 4344
200 Boxes
Wataspp 08131584344
 Cashew Nuts, Crayfish,Dry Shrimps, Bitter Kola,Ginger,Dates, Hibiscus Flower, Egusi,Ogbono,She's Butter,Sesame Seeds
10 Kg
We provide quality Agri products and Foodstuff direct from the farm.Our prices are affordable and negotiable
 Ugba Nssuka Or Ogiri Okpei
10 Pieces
Nutritious ugba nssuka popular known as ogiri okpei made in a hygienic environment. Call or chat us to place your order. YOUR HEALTH IS OUR PRIORITY
 Yam Flour
0812 838 6504
5 Kg
Blend from the best quality.very smooth and sieved from shaft already
5 Kg
It's dirt , stone free. Fresh and well dried.
5 Kg
It's dirt , stone free. Fresh and well dried.
 Sesame Seeds
0818 185 0900
5000 Tonnes
We supply you with Agric raw and dry foodstuffs and materials at a very fair price.
 Dried Ugu
200 Kg
Carver dried ugu is a responsibly grown vegetable cultivated under the unique tropical climate of West Africa, well processed for convenience and curbing food wastage while keeping the natural taste and flavor. Ugu also known as flut...
 Food Items
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
We are at your service to ease you of all worry and burden for food items, local beauty products, and clothings . Food items like grains, vegetables, fresh and frozen foods, canned goods,beverages, food ingredients, tubers, are all availab...
 Palm Oil
2000 Kg
Pure palm oil milled with your health and heart in mind
 Locust Bean
10 Kg
Very hygienic and delicious locust bean from Ekiti state
 Palm Oil
1000 Litres
Original palm oil available for sale
 Stock Fish, Okporoko
50 Bags
Stock fish is peculiar to west africa as it's used to prepare many dish that goes with 'garri' or 'fufu' or any other swallow of your choice. It's also included in a lot of foreign dish like the baccala native dish in italy. It's health ben...
 Black Smoked Fish
1000 Kg
Packaged in 20, 40, 50kg
5000 Kg
Ogbono seed is the seed obtained from African bush mango (Irvingia gabonenesis) and bitter bush mango (Irvingia wombolu). ... Their seed powder is used in cooking soup known as ogbono soup in Nigeria and in West Africa. We can supply in lar...