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All Kinds Of Africa Food
Onyinye Helen
0703 849 1167
30 Tonnes

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 Melon Seeds Egusi, Red Oil, Cola Nut And Snail
1000 Kg
Igborosun badagry Lagos State
 Melon Seed
3 Kg
Sand free White hand peel melon seed, very dry and edible.
 Melon Seed
30 Tonnes
High quality peeled Melon Seed available - with details specification on request.
 Melon Seeds
0809 391 3232
10 Pallets
A well dry Melon seeds 0% oil 0%h2o is available in tones
 Melon Seeds
10 Tonnes
A very dehydrated melon seeds no sand no stone very clean is available
1000 Bags
We have all types of foodstuff
 Melon Seeds (Egusi)
0706 121 5303
20 Tonnes
Clean, well dried melon seeds with no preservatives are readily available for bulk supply worldwide. Send email:
 Melon Seed
0812 101 5607
300 Kg
Melon Seed, locally called Egusi, is food crop in Nigeria and other African Countries. It has a lot of health benefits and fortified with essential minerals and vitamins. Product Details: Puriy: 98% Product Type: Fresh Melon Seed Colo...
 Sunshine Foodies
3000 Boxes
Hello contact me for any quantity of the above listed items, prompt delivery and quality products at a competitive price.
10 Kg
Melon seed is rich in fat vitamin and protein.
 Melons Seed
+234 9030567288
10 Bags
Selling melons seed bean rice as much you want from 1 bag upwards
 Melon Seed
0903 056 7288
5 Pallets
Sell melon seed as more as you want it start from one bag upward or below just contact us for any amount that you want and deliver it for you any place
200 Kg
White, local and quality
 Melon Seed
10 Kg
Melon popularly known as Egusi in Nigeria is mostly grown for consumption in Nigeria. They are usually ground and used for preparing assorted dishes such as egusi soup and stew. Due to the presence of dietary fibre and vitamin B1 (Thiamine)...
 Melon Seed
100 Kg
items packaged in 1kg and 2kg based on customer specification