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product description
Ola-ayeni emike feyikemi
2000 Pieces

Powered crayfish packaged in a air tight container

1000 Bags
We have enough quantity for everyone
 Agro Products
10 Kg
Our products include Oron crayfish, egusi, garri, ogbono and palm oil. We gives best quality of our products at best price. We can supply in small scales and big scales.
 Dried Oven Catfish
5 Boxes
Natural fresh oven dried catfish, hygienically packaged. small size 40pcs per carton medium size 30pcs per carton big size 25pcs per carton
 Dried Catfish
50 Kg
We have over 200kg of catfish available
 Oven Dried Catfish
0706 799 5299
1000 Kg
Hygienically processed and tasty oven dried catfish. Spot free and sand free
 Castor Bean(Ooriginal Okpei Nsukka)
54 Pieces
Okpei Nsukka is a Nigerian local spice for cooking Nigerian delicacies like melon soup, ogbono soup etc. We sell in larger quantities and deliver worldwide.
 Cashew Nuts
4.5 Kg
Whole nuts , fresh, crunchy with an irresistible taste. Available in bottles, plastic and in higher quantities, we deliver worldwide.
 Pure Natural Nsukka Honey
5 Litres
100% pure from a trusted source. Available in 1ltr @#3000, 2.5ltrs @8000, 20ltrs @ 55,000 etc
 Oven Dried Catfish
6.5 Kg
Hygienically processed and preserve to suit your taste. Available in 0.5kg and 1.2kg.
 Pure Natural Nsukka Honey
0703 250 0758
25 Pallets
We sell from 1litre upwards @#3000 per litre,#15,000 per 5ltrs, #75,000 per 25ltrs etc. Any quantity you want from 1litre will be made available for you direct from Nsukka in Enugu State Nigeria.