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Faith Igwe
1 Pallet

We specialize in the sale of hygienic and highly nutritious crayfish at s very pocket friendly price. Other food items we sell are garlic, melon, Ginger, bitter kola, kola nuts, gari, ogbono, charcoal et c

 Palm Oil
0810 881 1167
1000 Pallets
I sell original red palm oil, it has a nice taste, smell and well prepared in a hygienic environment. The palm oil is from enugu where you can get the best oil.
100 Kg
Neatly handpeeled melon.
 Crayfish, Melon, Egusi, Dry Pepper, Garri
1000 Kg
I sell in large quantitie
 Palm Oil, Melon, Pepper, Ogbono, Crayfish
3000 Kg
IAM from Nigeria dealing on exportation of African foodstuffs and more
 Melon Seed
3 Kg
Sand free White hand peel melon seed, very dry and edible.
 Egusi(Melon Seeds)
5000 Kg
We can pack in 1 kg, 500g, 250g and other quantity you want it.
 Egusi(Melon Seeds)
+234 802 389 2843
5000 Kg
We can pack in 1 kg. 500g, 250g and it is neat
 Melon Seed
30 Tonnes
High quality peeled Melon Seed available - with details specification on request.
 Nigerian Food And Foodstuffs
10 Pieces
We supply both local and international both in small scale and large scale
 Melon Seeds
0809 391 3232
10 Pallets
A well dry Melon seeds 0% oil 0%h2o is available in tones
 Melon Seeds
10 Tonnes
A very dehydrated melon seeds no sand no stone very clean is available
1000 Bags
We have all types of foodstuff
 Melon Seeds (Egusi)
0706 121 5303
20 Tonnes
Clean, well dried melon seeds with no preservatives are readily available for bulk supply worldwide. Send email:
 Épices Africaines
15 Kg
Bonjour je vends des épices africaines de bonne qualité pour les restaurants , les entreprises et autres. Mode de paiement par western union, RIA,Money gram
 Melon Seeds
100 Bags
Contact me on +23408057619723