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Diabetes Herbal Powder.
Akintunde Monsuru
300 Pieces

This is a powder medicine that neutralised the blood sugar back to normal level and cure the diabetes one time. It very quick effective.

 Red Palm Oil
1 Tonne
We export global standard/quality Red Palm Oil to the global market. Contact us so we can know your personal needs and let's add you among our happy clients. Thanks.
 Dry Graviola (Soursop) Leaf
1 Kg
There are many health benefits of Soursop
 Ogbono Seed
100 Kg
We have Ogbono in large stock for sale to interested buyers. We sell locally and export as well
500 Kg
We have Kolanut in stock for interested buyers.
 Bitter Kola
500 Kg
Bitter kola also known as Garcinia kola is typical form of herbs that serves as health stimulant and dietary supplements and herbal remedies
 African Foodstuffs
100 Kg
Garri is among the African foodstuffs as powdery food material made from the tuberous roots of cassava plant. Garri can be produced in white and yellow colour
 Gari Ijebu
50 Kg
Gari is made from cassava, gari is a creamy-white granular flour with a slightly sour taste that is most commonly eaten either by being soaked in cold water together with ingredients such as sugar or roasted groundnuts, or as a paste (eba) ...
 Dry Split Ginger
1000 Tonnes
American standard split ginger available for pickup
 Garri,red Oil,egusi,crayfish And Ogbono
0813 766 9398
100 Kg
Am in delta state,agbor
 Dry Ginger
100 Tonnes
We supply dry gingee at a very good rate with delivery cost inclusive. We give the best services. Chat or call us today.
 Limestone Powder
0703 305 1828
5000 Tonnes
We supply Limestone powder for your production. We make to the fineness of your specifications. Chat us for lab analysis result and for swift supply. Price per tonne is 25,000 inclusive of delivery.
 Dried Bitterleaf
0703 305 1828
500 Pieces
We deliver as your specifications request is. Chat us up today and receive a very good service from us.
 Dry Pumpkin Leave (Ugu )
100 Bags
Dry pumpkin leave is a very nutritious Vegetables which is very rich in vitamin. and mineral, and it's neatly produce.and packaged
 Sesame Seeds
50 Pieces
Gboko benue state
500 Kg
You can find me in gboko benue state