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Dried Hibiscus Flower
Daniel Oghene
0906 780 7754
10000 Kg

Dried hibiscus flower is mostly used for the production of hibiscus tea and our famous zobo. Moisture Content: 12% Max Impurities: 2% Max Protein Content: 5% Max Colour: Purple - Red Ash & Mineral Salts: 10% Max Acid Insoluble Ash: 1.5% Note: (prices are not fixed, it is negotiable at market rates, international prices, clients location and other costs). We have available to supply you.

 Hibiscus Flower
50 Tonnes
New crop 2021
 Hibiscus Flower
0812 101 5607
500 Kg
Clean Dried Hibiscus Flower. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Place of Origin: Nigeria Type,: Natural Colour: Dark Red, Light Red Condition: Free From Insect and Pest Packaging: 25kg, 50kg or Packaged according to buyer's specification Deliver...
 Hibiscus Flower
0703 434 1125
90 Tonnes
Kindly contact me for any quality of the following items as a supply and export. Hibiscus,Soya beans, Ginger slice,Sesame,Bird eye chilli peppers, Cassie tora.etc
 Food Items
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
We are at your service to ease you of all worry and burden for food items, local beauty products, and clothings . Food items like grains, vegetables, fresh and frozen foods, canned goods,beverages, food ingredients, tubers, are all availab...
 Red Hibiscus Flower
0706 374 5071
1000 Pieces
Normal red hibiscus flower and it's siftings are available. NRHBF is sold for 500/kg while NRHBFS is sold for 350/kg. We can supply 100 tons in a month. Email: / or contact me on 07063745071
1 Tonne
 Casava Fufu
0803 063 2151
2 Kg
We supply agricultural product of high nutritional quality such as Egusi, Ogbono, Garri, Onions, Palm Oil, Beans Flour, White and redbeans, Granded Chili Pepper, Maggi, etc at affordable price . we can also export on demand.
 Hibiscus Flowers
100 Tonnes
We are from Nigeria, we are dealers of Hibiscus flowers in Large quantity and at an affordable rate of $2.00 per kilogram. We can supply to any part of the world
 Hibiscus Flower
20 Tonnes
Please we have clean and quality ready for supply.
 Dried Plantain
1000 Bags
Organic dried plantain, neatly and hygienically dried . Free of sand
1000 Bags
Sweet crayfish
 Melon Seed
0812 101 5607
300 Kg
Melon Seed, locally called Egusi, is food crop in Nigeria and other African Countries. It has a lot of health benefits and fortified with essential minerals and vitamins. Product Details: Puriy: 98% Product Type: Fresh Melon Seed Colo...
 Dried Oven Catfish
5 Boxes
Natural fresh oven dried catfish, hygienically packaged. small size 40pcs per carton medium size 30pcs per carton big size 25pcs per carton
 Maize, Corn,
20 Pieces
Maize, corn available in large quantity depending on buyers specifications
0913 850 6871
200 Pallets
Neatly dried soybeans available in large quantity