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Dried Pepper
Motolani Mobuse
10000 Kg

It can be packed in various grams and kilograms. Good product, Grounded one is a different price

 Cameroon Pepper
10000 Kg
It can be packed in various grams and kilograms. Good product, Price for grounded one is different.
 Black Pepper
40 Tonnes
High pungency, excellent aroma, wonderful taste available - with details specification on request.
 Nigerian Food And Foodstuffs
10 Pieces
We supply both local and international both in small scale and large scale
 Dried Chilli Pepper
0813 694 7190
200 Bags
We are into foodstuff supplies to Restaurant, African stores in US, UK, Canada and any part of the world needed.
 Hot Pepper (Scotch Bonnet ) Powder
0809 473 2378
2000 Boxes
Also known as Cameroon pepper or yellow pepper. Very hot pungent and seasoning spice with delightful taste and alluring aroma. Ideal for pepper soup,traditional soups,pepper chicken and Suya meat. NAFDAC approved 100% Natural. PACK size ...
 Essential Oils
80000 Pieces
Experience nature’s unblemished purity in VRDA Essential Oils, which are 100% pure, natural, therapeutic grade, undiluted, and free from additives. Each Essential Oil is extracted from high-quality produce from its native habitat. Our varie...
 Pepper And Tumeric
1000000 Pieces
Spicy pepper and tumeric available in large quantity
 Dry Pepper
0814 077 1131
40 Bags
We are at ur service.available 24/7
 Dried Pepper
0812 816 2443
20 Kg
It's a dried Nigerian pepper from the African soil.. It is a good product from the west coast of Africa. With a consumption will convince you.
0906 720 4249
50 Tonnes
We are one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of African food nuts, Agro products, tomatoes, garlic, crayfish, smock fish, ginger, kola nuts, bitter kola nuts, snail, okra and many more
 Food Items
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
We are at your service to ease you of all worry and burden for food items, local beauty products, and clothings . Food items like grains, vegetables, fresh and frozen foods, canned goods,beverages, food ingredients, tubers, are all availab...
0807 571 1385
1 Kg
Roasted Groundnut, Roasted cashew nut, Crispy Pepper Plantain Chip, Chin-chin Available for delivery
 Ceremonial Items
0807 571 1385
1 Kg
Bitter Kola(Garcina kola), Kolanut, Aligator Pepper(Pod)& Seed, Forest Natural Honey All your Agro products are available Call or send an email for more enquires.
 Spices/ Condiments
0807 571 1385
100 Kg
Pepper soup spice, Bang spice, white soup(Ofe nsala), Suya/Bbq spice, Ogbono(Bush mango), Iru(Dry locust beans), Egusi(Melon), Ehuru powder(Jamica nutmeg), Uda(Negro powder pod), Uziza seed(Black pepper), Akaun(Potash) All products a...
0807 571 1385
100 Kg
Ginger powder, Tumeric powder, Cocoyam powder, Achi powder, Cayenne pepper powder, Paprika pepper powder, Chilli pepper powder, Cameroun pepper powder, Yellow Habanero(Ose Nsuka). Products available.