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Adeolu Badejoko
0803 321 2456
200 Kg

Very clean and dirt free neatly packaged Egusi

 Ground Dried Crayfish, Ground Dried Melon, Ground Dried Pepper
100 Kg
We deal on all kinds of dried ground African Food stuffs in bags, KG, Grams etc at affordable prices. I sell on whole sale and retail price rates. The products are stone free and 100% guarantee three years without spoilage. All are regist...
 All Kinds Of Africa Food
0703 849 1167
30 Tonnes
Reach out to us on our email
0911 399 0630
40 Kg
We've got the cleanest egusi you could ever imagine, you are getting value for your money,100 percent refund policy if you don't get value for your order, available in painters,50 kg bags,80 kgs and 100 kgs
 Melon Seeds Egusi, Red Oil, Cola Nut And Snail
1000 Kg
Igborosun badagry Lagos State
50 Kg
I still have another foodstuff that is not mentioned here but is always available to supply your needs in any quantity you desire. Your smile is my priority.
 Olamz Nigeria Enterprise
500 Kg
I can supply African snails and other seafoods like Crayfish, Dried river fish, Dehydrated Periwinkle, Ogbono, Egusi and General African foodstuffs of any Quality and Quantity to your location, as We deliver just as you want it to your lo...
 Palm Oil
0810 881 1167
1000 Pallets
I sell original red palm oil, it has a nice taste, smell and well prepared in a hygienic environment. The palm oil is from enugu where you can get the best oil.
100 Kg
Neatly handpeeled melon.
 Crayfish, Melon, Egusi, Dry Pepper, Garri
1000 Kg
I sell in large quantitie
 Palm Oil, Melon, Pepper, Ogbono, Crayfish
3000 Kg
IAM from Nigeria dealing on exportation of African foodstuffs and more
 Melon Seed
3 Kg
Sand free White hand peel melon seed, very dry and edible.
 Egusi(Melon Seeds)
5000 Kg
We can pack in 1 kg, 500g, 250g and other quantity you want it.
 Egusi(Melon Seeds)
+234 802 389 2843
5000 Kg
We can pack in 1 kg. 500g, 250g and it is neat
 Melon Seed
30 Tonnes
High quality peeled Melon Seed available - with details specification on request.
 Nigerian Food And Foodstuffs
10 Pieces
We supply both local and international both in small scale and large scale