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Gari Ijebu
Abigael Jumoke
50 Kg

Gari is made from cassava, gari is a creamy-white granular flour with a slightly sour taste that is most commonly eaten either by being soaked in cold water together with ingredients such as sugar or roasted groundnuts, or as a paste (eba) made with hot water.

2000 Pieces
Powered crayfish packaged in a air tight container
 Casava Fufu
0803 063 2151
2 Kg
We supply agricultural product of high nutritional quality such as Egusi, Ogbono, Garri, Onions, Palm Oil, Beans Flour, White and redbeans, Granded Chili Pepper, Maggi, etc at affordable price . we can also export on demand.
 Sesame Seeds
150 Tonnes
Very clean white sesame seeds Contact us,and we give us d best of what u want IBF farms
50 Kg
Neatly picked, packaged.maize which is free of insects.
 Fresh Beans
50 Kg
Beans are well picked and packaged, 100% nutritive and highly rich in protein.
1000 Pallets
Our charcoal comes from Ghana bush in Africa, one of the hottest places on earth. It's made from different types of wood such as Acacia, mahogany, Eucalyptus, Lucinda, Neem tree, etc we deal in export of quality charcoal too all countries i...
 Palm Kernel Shell
1 Tonne
Payment LC, TTT
 Palm Oil
25 Litres
Can be delivered Everywhere in Nigeria
 Garlic ,onion ,white Maize, Millet, & White Beans
0705 052 6458
3000 Kg
Contact me for supply of quality produce
 Original Yaji Suya Spice
1000 Kg
We can supply you original suya yaji spice
 Crude Oil Bonny Lite (Vessel Demand Only)
0901 312 2210
30000000 Pallets
pH city
1000 Kg
This is african Kola nuts (cola Nitida) fresh and dried, used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the tea industry as tea blends due to the caffeine content. They are native to the rainforests of tropical West Africa and common names ...
 Palm Oil
5000 Litres
Freshly maid palm oil. Any quantity you need would be sent across to you. Price negotiable.
40 Bags
Afolabi is my name
40 Bags
Afolabi is my name