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Ground Nuts
Motolani Mobuse
1000 Kg

It can be packed in various grams and kilograms. Good product

 Raw Groundnuts
50 Kg
We sell groundnut seeds raw and tasty, already peeled from the shell and ready for use. Please reach out to us for a trusted purchase. Thank you, and God bless.
5000 Tonnes
we have sesame, soyabeans, raw cashew nuts and fresh ginger available in Burkina Faso
0703 456 7133
10000 Pieces
We are matil foods Nig ltd are a very reliable export company specialized in Agro African foods for export. no 23 Busula Adalemo Harmony estate langbasa addo road,Ajah Lagos state.
 Palm Kernel Shell
100000 Tonnes
Dear buyers. We have palm kernel shell in large quantity and also sell, deliver nation wide. Our prices is very well negotiable. Take this golden advantage as we are in its season. Contact: 09127216391, 07065089225. Thanks.
 Bitter Kola (Garcinia Kola)
+234 902 350 8467
1 Kg
Bitter kola price - USD $24 per kg Total order - 100kg per week for one month to establish quality
 Palm Kernel Fruits And Shells
0703 708 8698
1 Pallet
We sell palm kernel fruits, shells, charcoal shells and nuts in large quantities
5000 Kg
It can be packed in various grams and kilograms. Good product
 Bambara Nuts
32 Tonnes
High quality, naturally grown and unrefined Bambara Nuts with Nigeria origin - details and specification available on request.
 Shea Butter
100 Kg
Are you looking for a supplier of Shea butter? Look no further. I supply and sell original Shea butter in both large and small quantity. You can reach me via email or my phone number. Thanks
 Shea Nuts
+226 54337193
100000 Tonnes
We have best quality Shea nuts for exports at the best prices for the season. We accept payment upon delivery at buyer's facility within West Africa
 Dried Cashew Nut
0812 816 2443
1 Kg
It's a dried cashew nut from the soils of Nigeria. It has its original taste and its good for consumption.
0906 780 7754
20 Bags
Moisture Content: 10% Max Impurities: 2% Max Colour: Brown Dry, handpicked and unwashed Note: (prices are not fixed, it is negotiable at market rates, international prices, clients location and other costs)
10 Kg
We are in the heart of Nigeria where various agricultural products are obtained. Call or chat us via 234-8187989932, email us via and follow up our Facebook page @Lixyprenuers.
 Cashew Nuts
4000 Pieces
We sorted and well preserved cashew nuts is available in large Quantity....other agro products are also available
 Cashew Nuts
1 Kg
Peeled Cashew nuts is 4000 per kg Unpeeled Cashew nuts is 1700 per kg