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Iliyasu sule
0703 061 5067
50 Tonnes

Kano brigade market. We stock them to whatever limit you may demand

 Hibiscus Flower (Zobo)
5000 Kg
It can be packed in various grams and kilograms. Good product
 Hibiscus Flower
100 Kg
Hello This is ideal Modern Purchasing and Supply Company Limited. We are into supply of Hibiscus flower (Zobo leaf). Our products are been processed and package using the cleanest, organic and natural method to meet the standard of our bu...
 Hibiscus Flowers
61264 417
100000 Pallets
We offer you the best organic hibiscus flowers
 Food Items
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
We are at your service to ease you of all worry and burden for food items, local beauty products, and clothings . Food items like grains, vegetables, fresh and frozen foods, canned goods,beverages, food ingredients, tubers, are all availab...
 Natural African Food Delicacy
0807 571 1385
5 Kg
Ofada Rice 100% Natural(Unpolished), Pigeon Beans(fiofio/Gungo beans)Dry, Cocoyam flour, Ukwa(Bread fruit seed), Okpa(Bambara nut flour/ Jugo Beans), Cassava chips(African Salad Abacha), Hibiscis Sarrel(Zobo), Plantain flour, Sweet potatoes...
 Dried Habiscus Leave
1000 Bags
Pure dried Habiscus flower, very good quality without particles
 La Sorrel Zobo
0802 213 3175
50 Boxes
Zobo packaged in tea bags It has a great taste an many health benefits
500 Tonnes
Processed cashew Nuts
 Fresh Yams
10000 Boxes
Export standard fresh yams durable and specifically grown for export.
 Fresh Yam
10000 Tonnes
Fresh Nigerian yam mainly for Export. Very strong and durable.
 Cashew Nut
500 Tonnes
 Red Oil
50 Litres
Am Lilian And am in to red oil business
50 Bags
Am Lilian From Ghana am in to gari process
 Powered Pap
30 Kg
We produce hygienic powdered pap, is well prepared with natural taste. We package it in export standard.
 Garri Cassava Kolanut Etc
500 Kg
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