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Fancy Tem
250 Bags

Available on demand

50000 Kg
We are into supply of Maize. Our products are been processed and package using the cleanest, organic and natural method to meet the standard of our buyers across the globe
5000 Kg
We are into the supply of white and yellow maize at an affordable price right to your location.
 White Beans And Red Beans
0803 968 8983
2000 Pallets
We deal on all Agriculture product depending the one that is available on ground, we accept contract to supply all kind of Agricultural produced
 Nigerian Food And Foodstuffs
10 Pieces
We supply both local and international both in small scale and large scale
 Farm Products (Maize, Soya Beans, Rice, Beans)
0803 697 7666
3300 Bags
Good product.
 Dry Yellow Maize
200 Tonnes
We have yellow maize available in volume
200 Tonnes
Dry maize
 Ginger And Garlic
1000 Kg
We deal on dry Agric products
 Yellow Maize  By Hf Farms
10 Bags
Fresh from the farm yellow maize grains in 100kg bags
0813 253 0847
10000 Pieces
We have Yellow and white maize Yellow Price NGN 290k WhitePrice NGN 305k Kindly contact us if your interest
 Casava Fufu
0803 063 2151
2 Kg
We supply agricultural product of high nutritional quality such as Egusi, Ogbono, Garri, Onions, Palm Oil, Beans Flour, White and redbeans, Granded Chili Pepper, Maggi, etc at affordable price . we can also export on demand.
 Fresh Maize And Dried
0809 546 4049
300 Pallets
Fresh maize available 200k.pick up only Ibf farms