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Moringa Tea
0803 306 5780
144 Pieces

Our Moringa Tea is made from 100% Certified Organic Moringa leaves. They contain no artificial substances, no fillers and no binders. Moringa is a super food packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and anti –inflammatory compounds. It also contains all the essential amino acids Weight for weight it contains 7 X the Vitamin C found in Oranges, 4 X the Vitamin A in Carrots, 4 X the Calcium in Milk and 3 X the Potassium in Bananas. The presentation of Moringa in the form of tea bags is a fantastic way of making sure you have your hot green herbal tea any time anywhere. It can be sweetened with and type of sweetener. It needs no milk so enjoy your hot tea without the fear of lactose intolerance.

 Vee's Pure Honey
5000 Litres
Vee's Pure Honey comes direct from the farm. No additives, no preservatives
 Bitter Kola
50 Pallets
We can supply more if you want because we need a long term business I sell at 13 usd per kg
 Bitter Kola
50 Bags
We can supply more if you want because we need a long term business
 Plantain Flour
0814 668 6686
2000 Kg
Supply on demand
 White Organic Tumeric
100 Kg
Fresh white Organic Tumeric suitable for all usefulness.
 Organic Turmeric
1000 Kg
100% thoroughly washed fresh organic turmeric. Suitable for all usefulness. Contact us for enquiry We have the white and golden turmeric available for export and supplies. Kindly contact us kyenproduct...
 Soy Beans
0708 932 2831
500 Kg
500kg of Soy beans is available for sale SPECIFICATION Purity: 98% Moisture: 10% Foreign matters: 2% Colour: Natural Protein: 36% Damages: 2% Oil Content: 18% Origin: Nigeria Glycine: Soya beans Packages: 2kg and 5kg
 Shea Butter
100 Tonnes
Suite 41, Salma Plaza, Dagiri, Gwagwalada, Abuja, Nigeria
 Palm Oil
0805 432 6367
50 Litres
Fresh and hygienically processed organic products.
 Organic Shear Butter
3000 Kg
We are dealers in organic shear butter, Palm Oil , coconut oil and many more
 Dried Organic Cassava Chips
0813 402 7259
20000 Tonnes
Hello Sir, We at Bulo universal business limited is an international trade outfit that specialized in supply of dried organic cassava Chips available all through the year at a reduced price. We supply with the following terms: Pr...
 Aroke African Organic Soap
10000 Boxes
100%pure organic soap made from lalm fruits bunches ash and kernel oil, and essential oil good for kids, and adult hair, face and body.It is good for all skin problems such as inching,enema etc, also repair chemical damage skin as it does n...
 Jemas Organic Edible Palmoil
100 Tonnes
 Dried White Oyster Mushroom
500 Kg
Dried White Oyster Mushroom available for supply
 Vietnamese Cashew Nut Kernels Lbw240
16 Tonnes
We are representatives for many direct exporter/ processor. We would like to connect with international cashew buyers. We can supply in Bulk quantity, regular shipment - Viet Nam cashew kernel: WW240, WW320, WW450, WS, LP, SP, SW320, SW24...