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Food Items
Idowu Adesokun
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg

We are at your service to ease you of all worry and burden for food items, local beauty products, and clothings . Food items like grains, vegetables, fresh and frozen foods, canned goods,beverages, food ingredients, tubers, are all available for supply in according to your demand. Call or whatsapp 08107944184/08082545993 for further enquiries.

 Cashew, Ginger, Garlic, Prob Oiled Rice, Onion And Potatoes
200 Tonnes
We supply dry fruits, spaghetti, oil, fruits and vegetables like onion, potatoes, garlic, Quince from turkey, contact whatup +905414369335 and rice, ginger, cashew, from India contact us +919676703422
 Pumpkin Leaves, Ugwu
0913 795 9445
600 Boxes
Same day delivery to places like uk and canada
 Fresh Vegetables
0703 278 0625
1000 Kg
Vegetable supplies by Crissy Foods And Agro Limited Our business can supply fresh and dried vegetables From Ijanikin, Nigeria
1000 Bags
Sweet crayfish
 Scent Leaves Ocimum Gratissimum
0818 311 7815
200 Kg
Scent leave Ocimum gratissimum is a common African house hold ingredient for it flavor and health benefits. It is a natural source of vitamins and great flavors
 Dry Bitter Leave
3000 Kg
Neatly, washed and packaged dry bitter leave for sales
 Dry Pumpkin Leave (Ugu )
100 Bags
Dry pumpkin leave is a very nutritious Vegetables which is very rich in vitamin. and mineral, and it's neatly produce.and packaged
 25Pcs Food Net Bags With Their Lock Buckles
0809 443 2688
1200 Pieces
Perfect for Supermarket sales to preserve freshness & quality of food like eggs, nuts, apples, agbalumo, potatoes, carrots, garlic, ginger, onions, oranges, & strawberries. Discount for 100pieces and above.
 Shea Butter
0802 283 8213
50 Kg
 Shea Butter
50 Kg
 Tuwo Dawa
1 Kg
No 50, Abimbola Street, Seaside Estate, Badore, Ajah,.
0803 818 8333
200 Bags
Gzodiac Nigeria limited the exporters of foodstuffs and agricultural products like, Garri, Melon seed, Cashew nuts, Plantain, CoCo, Garlic, CoCo yam, Corn, Millet, Charcoal, etc you can contact us now.
 Cereals And Beverages.
0810 794 4184
1000 Kg
Beverages and cereals like cornflakes, goldmorn, cocopop, fruits and fibre, Quaker oat, Cheerios, rice crispiest, frostiest, Milo, varieties of milk are available for supply in bulk according to your demand. Call or whatsapp 08107944184/080...
 White Corn
1000 Tonnes
White corn for human and animal feed
 Yellow Corn
1000 Tonnes
YELlOW CORN GRADE 1 FOR ANIMAL FEED Origin .............................Nigeria Moisture ............8%max Protein..................... 9.0min Purity ........................98% Broken .......................2%max Damage ...............