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Pea Nut/ Ground Nut
Umar Muhammed
0706 374 5071
1000 Pieces

Pea-nut is available and we can meet your demands. Price is negotiable as we are upon the season. Email: / Phone: 07063745071

 Shea Nuts
4000 Tonnes
High quality Dried Shea Nuts - Available for export in tonnes. Recurring supply can be guaranteed. Please contact us for more information. Only serious Off-takes/Buyers should reach out please.
 Cashew Nuts (W240, W320)
0903 774 8960
1000 Pallets
Monthly or Recurring supply for raw quality Cashew Nuts from Nigeria available. Our products are of guaranteed high quality and we have tonnes in stock. Please kindly contact us for more information - Only serious Buyers/Off-takers ple...
100 Pieces
We are ready to deal, quality rice of international standard is available. Stone and sand free
 Stone  Flower
100 Tonnes
Stone flower available in good quantity. We are ready to deal, send in your orders We are your sure plug when it comes to stone flower
200 Tonnes
Groundnut is available in large quantity and of good quality
 Melon, Egunsi
100 Pieces
Melon, egunsi is available in good quantity and quality
 Ogbono Seed
100 Tonnes
Ogbono seed available in large quantity, in good quality and taste. Quantity depends on buyers specification
 Maize, Corn,
20 Pieces
Maize, corn available in large quantity depending on buyers specifications
 Shea Butter
200 Tonnes
Undefined, undilluted Sheabutter available in large quantity depending on buyers specifications
200 Tonnes
Colanuts readily available in large quantity.
200 Tonnes
Neatly dried soybeans available in large quantity
 Bitter Cola
+234 8024724226
100 Kg
Carcina Kola also known as bitter Kola (OROGBO), is a flowering plant mostly found in the tropical rain forest region of Central and West African countries. Carcina Kola is being used for various kind of treatment and also act as anti bacte...
0706 472 3042
55 Bags
Fresh Ginger, Best Quality Quarantined..for Medicinal, Chemical, Pharmacological and Culinary uses
 Unrefined Shea Butter
0812 101 5607
100 Pallets
100% Raw Unrefined Shea Butter Quantity: Based on Buyer's Specification Price: Negotiable
 Aroke African Organic Soap
10000 Boxes
100%pure organic soap made from lalm fruits bunches ash and kernel oil, and essential oil good for kids, and adult hair, face and body.It is good for all skin problems such as inching,enema etc, also repair chemical damage skin as it does n...