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Sesame Seed
Bayera Resources
1000 Kg

Export standard

 Sésames Blanc
1000 Pallets
Sésames blanc disponible en quantité importante au Tchad Plus d'infos contacter nous
 Egusi(Melon Seeds)
5000 Kg
We can pack in 1 kg, 500g, 250g and other quantity you want it.
 Egusi(Melon Seeds)
+234 802 389 2843
5000 Kg
We can pack in 1 kg. 500g, 250g and it is neat
 Melon Seeds
0809 391 3232
10 Pallets
A well dry Melon seeds 0% oil 0%h2o is available in tones
 Melon Seeds
10 Tonnes
A very dehydrated melon seeds no sand no stone very clean is available
 Melon Seeds (Egusi)
0706 121 5303
20 Tonnes
Clean, well dried melon seeds with no preservatives are readily available for bulk supply worldwide. Send email:
 Sesame Seeds
12000 Tonnes
We have best quality hurled white sesame seeds to sell 00226 54331793
 Ogbono Seeds
30 Bags
Available in stock with quick delivery Ogbono soup, is a Nigerian dish made with ground dry ogbono seeds. Ogbono seeds are originated and were first grown in Southern Nigeria
 Sesame Seeds Available
500 Tonnes
New crop 2021
 Sesame Seeds
1 Kg
Quality brown white sesame seeds at factory price
 Sunshine Foodies
3000 Boxes
Hello contact me for any quantity of the above listed items, prompt delivery and quality products at a competitive price.
 Moringa Seeds
1000 Kg
our company deals with moringa products. organic seeds and leaves
 Moringa Leaves
1000 Kg
our company deals with organic moringa leaves and seeds..we are available at your service
 Palm Kernel Fruit And Seed
0818 311 7815
2000 Kg
Palm kernel fruit is rich in vitamin and a source of oil via processing. It is a top of the act requirement for African meals and rich in taste.
 Grains& Nuts
0807 571 1385
1 Kg
Honey Beans, Brown beans, White beans,Sesame seeds, Tiger nut, Coconut, Dabino(Dates) All are African Agro products are available. We deliver World wide.