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Ukpaka / Ugba - African Oil Bean Seed (Pentaclethra Macrophylla)
Ugwu Festus
0803 088 3960
1 Bag

Ugba or Ukpaka as it's also called is the seed from the African oil bean tree. This is a tree found in the tropics and belongs to the leguminoseae family. ... The Igbos call it Ugba or Ukpaka of which its popularly known because of the popular Nigerian dishes Ugba salad and African salad.

 Ground Ogbono
10 Kg
Trusted and unadulterated quality. Neatly and hygienically packed...ready to export...ready to cook.
 Ogbono Seeds
10 Kg
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 Oven Dried Catfish
0812 266 4774
3000 Boxes
Our oven dried catfish is neatly and hygienically processed. Stone free, crunchy and crispy. Dried to export standard. We supply in bulk to buyers within and outside Nigeria
 White Garri
100 Pieces
Number 32 Alaji Hassan street ayobo,Lagos.
 Hibiscus Flower
2000 Tonnes
We offer premium quality Nigerian dried hibiscus flowers. We sell both large and small quantity. Interested buyers should send their immediate requirements, and we will revert with our competitive offer.
250 Bags
Available on demand
 Catfish Mangala
1 Piece
River catfish mangala dried to export standard and available in big and medium sized. Express shipping at affordable price. WhatsApp; 08037607822
300 Bags
Available on demand
 Shea Butter
100 Kg
Are you looking for a supplier of Shea butter? Look no further. I supply and sell original Shea butter in both large and small quantity. You can reach me via email or my phone number. Thanks
 Dried Vegetables
1000 Kg
We are dealers in all kinds of African foodstuff
1000 Bags
We have all types of foodstuff
 Dried Catfish
50000 Pieces
We are dealers in all types of dried foodstuff ,we have experienced in food exportation
 Export Standard Dried Snail
10000 Pieces
We are dealers in all types of foodstuff our Instagram account is emlabfoods
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10000 Pallets
I have both frozen and dried Snails , hygienically washed, ready to be used for your cooking.
 Jumbo Size Dried Snails
1000 Pallets
1000 per one