Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do at ?

Cokodeal connects new and existing traders of foodstuff, minerals and commodities in Africa to the world. To trade with foreign businesses, restaurants, stores, warehouses and importers.

What do I benefit registering on cokodeal marketplace?

Exposure to millions of potential buyers from UK, USA, China, India, Europe, Dubai and many more countries around the world, to increase business sales and access to huge markets beyond your business reach using a very cost effective technology platform.

How do I become a member?

Click on “Create Free Store” register with a free membership seller package.

How does cokodeal help, even with the poor economy

Cokodeal connects traders across different African countries to global market whereby people from other countries can make purchases from you using their own currency to pay at the price or value you have given. Often a lot more profitable than selling within the local economy with stiff profit margin.

What do we gain by being regular subscribers

Advisory Services from our export specialist and insight into improving your business as our rep will inform you about which of your goods people are demanding for which can help improve your business. We also give low cost affordable maximum reach advertisement through the website, social media and blog.

How do i get a loan

After registering as a member of the website, you can apply for loan and our loan officer will assist you provided you meet the requirements. Click “Apply for a loan

Does cokodeal help us deliver our goods and services

Cokodeal helps deliver only premium membership goods and verified members goods and services. For other membership subscription, we help business owner to link with 3rd party freight and logistics companies to handle the deliveries.

Can we trust this website not to dupe us

Cokodeal has been operating for over 10 years, with lots of satisfactory clients. It is one of the best commodity exchange platform verified by google. Have processed over 22,000 deals across so many companies, with over 5000 businesses registered on the platform – Link here to registered businesses – “businesses” A registered business trading in Kenya, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Namibia, Nigeria, Sudan, South Africa and Tanzania. With top level professional I.T security that monitor all transactions that go through the site to ensure safety of our customers .

I do not really go online a lot, so what is my gain in been on the website

You do not need to go online many times, millions of people will see your products and contact you either through your phone number or email or come to your store provided your details with us are correct.

What plans of businesses are available?

Starters: Mainly for small sole traders for local supply. With a storefront with backend support to help manage stocks. With phone call support and quarterly free advertisement.

Small scale exporters: Mostly used by growing wholesale businesses with need to export their goods to foreign markets in a small quantity less than 1 ton. Our Representative is available only when needed, with analysis of your business on request. Get to increasing exposure of product to the export market.

Large exporters: Large international business are businesses trading above 1 ton upto 1000 tons. We provide extensive support for these businesses to mitigate any for of losses due to high cost of deal involved with. We help with goods exposure to large markets. Only premium users can buyers buy directly from online, We help with exporting your goods & delivery, give you Guide and insight to your business growth, place your goods online at the top priority when buyers search for goods online to drive faster sales from UK, US, China, Vietnam, Europe.

How do I export to USA, UK, Europe and make money in dollars

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How do I find buyers on cokodeal and how do I use the platform?

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How do I get money to fund my exportation business?

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What can I export from Nigeria

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How to find buyers in Europe and US markets for your export goods.

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How to begin export business and documentation you may need

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How to export agricultural products: here is a complete guide

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How do I start exporting business, documentation and where to export

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How do I become a partner or become an investor with cokodeal?

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How do I invest and become a shareholder in Cokodeal Corporation

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Why should I advertise with cokodeal The pan Africa commodity bank is Africa's largest export platform with over 5000 traders registered on the platform and over 22,000 deals carried out globally

Many unknown local brands have become successful internationally, leveraging on the cokodeal platform network to reach new markets.

Providing them with our well-tailored technical support to create business expansion and happy business community abroad.

We have network to over 450,000 global agencies, 120,000 affiliate networks and a robust technology team that can target any country around the world to reach individual and businesses.

How do I receive Payment?

Cokodeal offers its members local and international payment escrow services, to help receive payment from buyers and credit in their local currency to their accounts.

We are available for support 24 hours. Kindly tap on whatsapp link below for immediate support.

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