How would you feel to have invested as a shareholder in MTN 10years ago.


Investing in an early stage company is one of the most successful path, the rich became rich.

Choose wisely – Choose Cokodeal (Africas most successful commodity export platform)


The opportunity: Limited trade connections to other countries within Africa and to global markets (Regional trade within countries, with trade information integration across the continent).


AfCFTA will double intra Africa trade by next decade (WEF) Low volume of export relative to commodities produced


The Problem: Price disparity, decentralised trade information, high volume difficult to find commodities domiciled in Africa (Nigeria’s booming Borders - Chatham House, UK)

The Vision: To help commodity traders and small businesses in Africa realize their full trade potential and increase their wellbeing through information technology.

The Mission: To build technology infrastructure that connects commodity traders in Africa to local/ global market effectively and efficiently.

The Market: The Africa food and commodity trade business - a $100billion market.

The Solution: A platform that provides live trade information and provides trade information, to both buyers and sellers. With an efficient logistic process and secure payment model.

The Strategy: Build best-in-class infrastructure platform (Cokodeal) to connect regional traders to global markets and become a centralized  trade information portal with seamless universal connections

The Marketing: Online marketing, partnerships with local regional traders as agents across Africa to provide continuous information on supply, partnerships with local and global vendor aggregators to provide continuous information on demand.


The journey since 2012

  1. Opened first office in London. Worked with top I.T firms in UK to launch first version of the platform. Iterate and settle on a highly profitable growing Africa market (after 3 pivots) - (Foods and commodities export)

  2. Created a fully operational I.T platform ranked as number 1 on Google for "food and commodities export in Africa" , 2300 businesses registered on platform, Thousands of deals, communication with over 18,000 prospects and clients

  3. Average volume of deals done since launch N4.2 Billion.

  4. I.T. platform already configured to trade in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania and Benin with payment feature designed to provide pricing in local currencies.

Cokodeal is best placed to sell most of the future produce locally and internationally.


Our Goal

  1.  Restructure cokodeal, secure series A investment and establish key collaborations within Africa and outside Africa to take up cokodeal’s existing commodities supply volume

  2. Establish a sustainable supply chain by setting up a network of regional agents that provide real time information on available commodities in their various regions across Nigeria


The Trend

Government across African countries policy focuses on Agriculture, production and exportation. With foreign and local investors, investing hugely in production. Cokodeal is best placed to sell all the future produce locally and internationally.





  • Opportunities

  • Millions of unemployed ready to key into cokodeal value chain for income

  • Thousands of stores in The US, UK, EU that needs credible African supplier

  • Payment received from foreign countries for goods traded

  • Disparity in prices of goods across local markets

  • Agency within cokodeal managing areas, regional, states, and countries

  • The interest of individuals with capital to invest and fund traders deals

  • The trans of direct $ payment and supply food to locals families

  • Millions of traders with need for demand, shelf life market value season

  • Government policy across Africa drive to localisation, industrialisation and agriculture

  • AfCFTA the continental free trade connection and info sharing and deals is huge

  • Agro commodities with vast (scarce goods)  readily available in Africa

  • Cheap labour relatively , lots of companies will invest in commodity in Africa to make profit

  • Mobile tech and electronic commerce creates, connection, adverts, mobile trading bank sms transaction.


In a recent interview by Aljazeera, Dangote was asked 2 most vibrant areas to invest now, his response: Agriculture and Information technology


According to Robert Kiyosaki quoting a warren Buffet talk: The most valuable investment with highest return you can make, is in a company preference stock with great potential before it goes to larger investors, or goes public