Easily create a unique online store

Start selling right away

  • No technical or programming skill needed-easy to set-up
  • Boost revenue – reach millions of customers and clients across Africa.
  • Free template tools - give your business an online face lift
  • Built in marketing tools and features -within the cokodeal platform
  • Customize with your logo, brand and product images.
  • 24/7 support- call our experts anytime - +2348163229560

Mobile-friendly store

  • Automatically create a responsive web store. You don't have to lift a finger, makes business easier
  • Optimize for the most popular smartphones Blackberry ®, Android®, iPhone®, and others


Choose a plan that meets your business needs.

  • Basic

    Ideal for sole trader & small business
    Reg. ₦1980 save 50%
    12 mo
    1 Store Limit
    100 Products Upload Limit
    2GB File storage
    9/5 customer service
    Voucher Marketing campaign
    Professional online report
  • Professional

    Perfect for wholesaler, medium enterprise
    Reg. ₦5600 save 50%
    12 mo
    5 Stores Limit
    (Help to create store branches)
    500 Products Upload Limit
    10GB File storage
    24/7 customer service
    Voucher - Marketing Campaign
    Professional online report
    Rep available on request
    Monthly business analysis report
    Google Analytics
    1 week free promotion quarterly
  • Premium

    Exporters, Manufacturers, government
    Reg. ₦21,000 save 50%
    12 mo
    Unlimited Stores
    Unlimited Products
    Unlimited File storage
    24/7 customer service
    Voucher - Marketing campaign
    Professional online report
    Rep visit business monthly
    Monthly business analysis report
    Google Analytics
    1 week free promotion monthly
    Allow customer buy directly online
    SSL secured card payment
    Helps to deliver Exports
    Guide & insight for business growth
Starter (Free)
Get Started
Site management tool
No Technical support
Product Limit : 20
General Questions


What do I need to get started?

It is as simple as signing up with one of our subscription plans in which you have free trial and you're good to go.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up?

No, you dont need enter your credit card details before signing up. However, at the end of the 20-day free trial, you would have to pick up a plan where your credit card details would be required.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. the Cokodeal system allows for easy entry and exit, i.e. If you ever decide that Cokodeal isn't the best ecommerce platform for your business, simply cancel your account from your control panel.

What do I stand to gain?

Platform, for you to gain more customers.The cokodeal platform is the revolution in e-commerce in Africa, apart from it being an online store management system; it combines seasoned online marketing features that helps showcase your businesses and products all across Africa/ the world within the cokodeal


How long are your contracts?

All Cokodeal plans are monthly unless you sign up for an annual (10% discount) or biennial plan (20%).

Why use the starter plan

The starter plan is ideal for students, young people with specific crafts, unique fashion product, make up services etc.

Why use the Basic plan

Perfect for sole traders, small businesses. contains features like discount code engines, promotional tools and cokodeal mobile.

Why use the Professional plan?

Suitable for wholesale large traders, government organizations, etc. as well as the following additional features:

Professional Reports give you analytics for your products, orders and payments. You'll have the ability to see: the amount of taxes collected, which products are selling and which ones aren’t, and how sales vary by day, month or year. You can even view the data in table or chart form.

Abandoned Cart Recovery lets you choose to automatically send an email to potential customers with a link to their abandoned shopping carts, encouraging them to complete their purchase. You can even customize the email to include special incentives like discounts or promotions. (Online only)

Why use the Premium plan?

The Premium plan comes with unlimited store creation, unlimited storage space, unlimited bandwidth, SSL secure system, that allows card payment processing.

Advanced Report Builder: The Premium plan gives you the ability to export any business report, customize and create new reports that can be shared with staff, and filter predefined reports to make them as specific as you need.

Unlimited store operation capabilities in terms of product data upload and storage.


What do I need to setup a store?

You need no technical knowledge; it is easy and straight forward. All you need is the content of your store which includes: company name, location, company logo, product photos and description.

Can I create more than one store?

Yes, depending on your choice, you could create stores as many as you can. Organizations that have several branches across different positions can create stores for different branches on the cokodeal platform.

What payment gateways do you support?

We support several payment gateways; Visa, mastercard, paypal etc

What software does Cokodeal integrate with?

The cokodeal platform is a synergy of several software applications in order management, accounting, analytics and affiliate tracking software.

How do I improve my shop's online presence?

Based on your subscription level combines a search optimization tool, with internet marketing tools that helps searching your products easy and fast to locate amongst millions of same available products. Now you need not worry about how these things work because we do them for you. Internal advertisement will increase your sales.


Is my data safe and secure?

Absolutely! The security and uptime of your store is our #1 priority. Cokodeal is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.This means all your data, card transaction and customer information is ultra secure. Learn more

Unsure which plan is best for you?

CAll our sales team at +234803442222