Mrs Seyi Oduntan
Yam flour - Elubo Isu by Sofi Farms Sofi Ogbono Apon 150g Sofi Melon Egusi ground Sofi Farms Locust Beans Iru 150g Sofi farms Fresh locust bean 500g Sofi Farms Garri Sofi Dry pepper - Ata gungun Sofi grounded cassavite 1kg
Hiten Udhwani
Olive Ice Mint Toothpaste Olive Red Gel Toothpaste Olive herbal toothpaste Medisoft Medicated soap by ClassicSoap Medibath Mosquito repellant and Antiseptic Medibath Black Soap by ClassicSoap Medibath Cool Soap by ClassicSoap Dora beauty soap by Classic soap Olive Beauty soap by ClassicSoap Aljamela beauty soap Classic beauty pink soap Classic White Soap by ClassicSoap Classic gold multipurpose soap
Emmanuel Onyema
Odunayo Ola
Ademolu Onabajo
Large snails 250g by Capricorn Farms Point of Laying snail 50g Snail feed supplement 25kg by Capricorn farms
Sean Cusson
Tola Mobuse
Egusi(Melon Seeds) Ogbono Ogbono
Uzoamaka Obunike
Henry Etineh
Obongekeme Udo
Gertrude Akhimien
Orange Adire Duvet 6x6 by Getti Star ash duvet a 6x6 comforter Mickey Mouse duvet by Getinuel investments Butterfly green bedsheet by Getti Star ash bedsheet with pillow case Rose red bedsheet 6x6 with pillow sets Adire multicolored stripped yellow duvet Hello kitty duvet produced by Getti Diamond multicolored duvet Rose cream duvet 6x6 by Getti Mixed colour with Orange check bedsheet 6x6 Adire navy blue bedsheet 6x6
Fasbol Global
Alternative flour Fasbol gluten free Fasbol gluten free millet super meal Fasbol gluten free sorghum super meal Bean flour Fasbol gluten free Wholemeal Sorghum flour red Fasbol Gluten free Wholemeal Sorghum flour white Fasbol Gluten free Ginger powder for cooking and tea
Nelson Anietie
Metal recycling equipment by Talitha industries Complete yoghurt system, sugar, mixer, fermentation, pasteurization All types of crusher from cereal to plastics Storage tanks - stainless steel to mild steels All types of conveyor stainless steel, Pvc, chains Mini dryer, oven powered by electric, coal, gas Grain haulers machine electric or petrol powered Fish drier trays with charcoal by Talitha industries
Irene C.U
Peace Bongi
Pink Cloche hat designed with carolina Black coutre cocktail hat with feather and net Cloche hat designed by Drickpy ttf Tailor to fit Beaded mesh net made fascinator and feathers Cinnamon fascinator by DrickpyTtf tailor Cinnamon fascinator gold accent
Gabriel Charles
Faith Uc
Abubakar Rabiu
Garin Danwake - Mixed grains from wheat cassava flour with moringa Kunun Tsamiya from whole grains of millet Spicy yaji dried pepper with minced chicken